These are the most expensive houses in the world

Looking for a new home? A loft, a penthouse with a pool or a villa with its own tennis court? If it must be bigger, more expensive and more exclusive, superlatives are required. Spending tens of millions on a house isn’t hard these days. In the most beautiful corners of the world there are properties that can quickly cost several hundred million euros. We will show you some of the most expensive residential buildings in the world and their owners.

These are the most expensive houses in the world

Antilia in Mumbai, India

Probably the most expensive single-family house in the world belongs to Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani and is in Mumbai. According to Forbes magazine, Ambani, 53, is the 39th richest person in the world. The construction and furnishing of the 173-meter-high residence in Mumbai is said to have consumed more than 752 million euros. The skyscraper has a six-story parking garage, swimming pools, a cinema, a temple, a library and three helipads. Large gardens have been designed on the spacious terraces. The 27 floors of the building, which bears the name of the mythical Atlantic island of Antilia, are of generous dimensions: skyscrapers of the same height have a good 50 floors.

Villa Leopolda in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

Villa Leopolda is said to have an estimated value of €500 million. The owner is the Brazilian native Lily Safra. She inherited the luxury property from her late husband, Edmond Safra, a banker. The building is built in the Belle Époque style and encompasses around 2,700 square meters, including the pavilions and ancillary buildings. On the property there is a swimming pool, an avenue of cypresses, olive groves and an eight-hectare park, as well as a heliport.

Fairfield in Sagaponack, USA

10,000 square meters of living space, 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, a dining room 28 meters long, as well as three swimming pools, including basketball, tennis and squash courts. “Forbes” estimates the value of the property at 226 million euros. The estate in Sagaponack in the US state of New York directly on the Atlantic coast belongs to American businessman Ira Rennert and serves as a home for his family of five.

Kensington Palace Gardens in London, England

Kensington Palace Gardens in London are owned by Indian billionaire Lakshmi Mittal. The Indian paid 202 million euros for the twelve-bedroom villa. Next to Kensington Palace, the street is considered the most exclusive address in London. It is closed to direct traffic for security reasons. No wonder: in addition to a few embassies, the Saudi royal family, the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, and the Ukrainian-born billionaire, Leonard Blavatnik, also reside here.

Xanadu in Seattle, USA

Xanadu’s property in Seattle is said to be worth €110 million. Bill Gates made himself comfortable here. The property’s pool has an underwater music system, the fitness center is 232 square feet, and the library has a vaulted reading room.

Mountain Home Road in Woodside (USA)

The €107m property belongs to Japan’s Masayoshi Son. The neoclassical main house is 836 square meters and the colonnade-shaped pool house spreads over 103 square meters. There is also a library, a retirement home, a swimming pool, a tennis court and of course a lot of garden on the property.

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