The most extraordinary and unique homes in the world

We present you our small selection of houses that look really strange. What connects them is the fascinating architecture and the idea behind it, the imagination and the unconventional thinking of its creators.

The most extraordinary and unique homes in the world

VW Beetle house

The K√§ferhaus is located in the village of Gnigi, not far from Salzburg in Austria. The building was designed by Markus Voglreiter and if you haven’t guessed, it was inspired by the Volkswagen Beetle. The owners bought an ordinary building in the 70’s and completely renovated it. The building was completed in 2003, is an eco-friendly property and has energy efficient heating.

The Rational House in Australia

Resembling a spaceship, this house has a rational, very elegant and simplified design. Architect James Stockwell was commissioned to design the home and the aim was for the design to blend with the stunning sea views. The Stockwell house has “merging” exterior contours that follow the horizon and an exterior that is influenced by nature and compressed into the scenic landscape.

The snail shell in Sofia, Bulgaria

This giant colored snail in Sofia has topped many odd house rankings in recent years. It was built in 2008 and is the work of Ing. Simeon Simeonov, who designed a unique family house with it.

The Bund Finance Center, Shanghai

This strange structure is constantly changing its appearance. Based on the traditional Chinese opera, three curtains made of overlapping steel tubes wander through the building several times a day. The event center for exhibitions and congresses also attracts attention with its bronze and gold color scheme. The architects Thomas Heatherwick and Norman Foster have set themselves a monument with this unique building on the famous Bund in the metropolis of Shanghai.

Hemisphere, Valencia

According to architect Santiago Calatrava, the extraordinary architecture of the hemisphere in Valencia represents a giant human eye. The comparison is well chosen, because inside the building there is a 3D IMAX cinema. With its special design, the Hemisphere blends in perfectly with the surrounding houses. They are all part of the City of Arts and Sciences, located in a drained riverbed.

Dancing House, Prague

Designed by architect Frank Gehry, this building was nicknamed “Ginger and Fred” for its resemblance to a dancing couple. Critics see the unusual architecture as a departure from the traditional Prague cityscape. Proponents, on the other hand, praise the dynamic structure of the multi-award-winning office building.

Lotus Temple, New Delhi

As the name suggests, the lotus flower served as a model for the lotus temple in the Indian capital New Delhi. The extraordinary architecture of the temple is characterized, among other things, by 27 free-standing marble elements that were modeled on flower petals. The 40 meter high building offers space for around 2,500 people and serves as a religious site for the Baha’i.

Teapot shaped building, China

Some like it unusual. But homes like the infamous Teapot in Wuxi, China, take it to the extreme. Because the giant jug not only has elaborate lighting, but also rotates. Even for a tourism and information center, that’s too much of a good thing, according to a state committee. As a result, builders across the country have been banned from building wacky homes with “odd” or “bizarre” shapes.

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