Celebrities who double as interior designers and decorators

When it comes to designing and decorating our own homes, many of us look to our favorite celebrities for inspiration. While many brilliant Hollywood stars only hire the the best of the best interior designers, there are actually a lot of famous people who take pride in decorating their own homes. Believe it or not, many celebrities spend as much time on Pinterest as we do. Keep browsing or listing some of the most famous faces who are known for more than one thing, one of which includes their passion for design and home decor.

Celebrities who double as interior designers and decorators

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is best known as a socialite and one of the gorgeous Kardashian sisters. Technically, she doesn’t practice as an interior designer or decorator, however, Kourtney has decorated her entire home beautifully with the help of Hollywood designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. The older Kardashian sister has often spoken of her passion for interior design and her serious obsession with furniture collections.

Blake Lively

As if Blake Lively couldn’t be more successful or perfect – the beautiful actress and mum-of-3 recently revealed her love for interior design. She took to Instagram and shared with her fans that she’s designing all her close friends’ homes – obviously for free. She also added how much she loves choosing all the furniture and the different fabrics. But we’re not surprised, there’s nothing in the world Ms. Lively can’t do.

Drew Barrymore

Another amazing celeb on our list who never lets anything get in her way. Drew Barrymore is not only an actress but also a talk show host, author and director but recently it seems that she is also the queen of home decorating. Barrymore released a decor collection for Shutterfly just a few years ago, but she’s actually been a design junkie since she can remember. Drew throws it too Flower Kids which is a wonderful decoration line for children. She has created a playful and vibrant range of furniture and decorative accessories for children, and we love it!

Joanna Gaines

For those who don’t know Joanna Gaines, where have you been? She is best known for starring alongside her husband in the fantastic television show, Upper fixator including a reality series about home design and renovation. The incredible author, businesswoman and designer has created an incredible design empire in a very short time. Once you get to know her, you too will understand why so many people are in awe of her and her expertise.

Diane Keaton

Believe it or not, but Diane Keaton is really 74 years old and looks absolutely fantastic. Not only is she world famous for receiving numerous awards for being one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actresses, but in recent years she has also embraced her love for all things design. Keaton has published three amazing books on the subject, plus 4 of his beautifully designed homes have graced the pages of Architectural summary. Not many people know this, but Diane Keaton has been a design enthusiast for a long time.

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