Make a modern home cozy without sacrificing design

Make a modern home cozy without sacrificing design

Winter is the perfect time to switch things up and upgrade your home decor. Keeping a space warm and inviting can seem difficult for anyone who prefers modern designs. However, contemporary design doesn’t mean your home has to be cold. In fact, there are many ways to make a room both modern and cozy.

Embrace darker colors

While modern designs typically feature lighter colors, there’s no reason not to incorporate some darkness into the space as well. You might think that dark colors don’t look as “clean” as light ones, but that’s not the case. According to experienced interior designers, as long as you stick to a cohesive color palette, even darker hues will make a room look modern. Using colors like deep blues and rich woods makes a room feel warmer and more inviting than white and silver colors and the like.

Use more pillows

If you don’t already have pillows in the room, buy some throw pillows to add to them. Placing them on sofas or on the bed will make the room feel more comfortable and calming. Of course, they should match the color palette you have chosen and be incorporated accordingly. Mix up the textiles too – opt for different fabrics like faux fur and velvet to create a more interesting look.

Create warmth with lighting

It’s easy to see why string lights and fairy lights are such a popular choice for home decor. They make a room warm, cozy and inviting. Candles are just as effective for the same reason, only sparkling lights are safe to use throughout the day. If you don’t want candles or twinkling lights, you can opt for other lighting options that suit you better. Think about your preferences: do you want warm or cool light? Maybe larger light sources or small lamps for bedside tables? There are endless possibilities. In any case, avoid a single ceiling light that is too bright – it only makes the room appear colder.

Soften the space with velvet

If your budget allows, consider getting a couch or bedspread made out of velvet or a similar fabric. This immediately adds a warmer factor to the room design. Not to mention it also ups the luxury factor. Plush velvet is never a bad idea. Instead of investing in a couch, you can always buy velvet cushions or throws instead.

Add a rug or two

Hardwood and laminate floors are great, but they can get cold underfoot during the winter months. The same goes for tiles. Put a rug or two on the floor to give the room a (literally) warmer look. Honestly, a rug can be placed anywhere in the house, even in the bathroom or kitchen. Carpets are always a good idea.

Open the curtains

In summer you want a room to feel cool and airy, so it makes sense to throw in sheer white curtains for that flowy, fresh look. In winter the opposite is the case. Again, plush and soft fabrics are the way to go. Find darker curtains to match your color palette.

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