6 natural tricks to strengthen your spine

Maintaining correct postural hygiene is very important to have a strong spine and for health in general, since the spine is the basis of our entire body.

6 natural tricks to strengthen your spine

Last update : April 08, 2022

Strengthening your spine allows you feel healthier.

Some of the benefits of increasing spinal strength are flexibility, decreased lower back pain, and increased comfort when performing different types of movements.

To accomplish this, he it is necessary to introduce new habits in our life. Let’s look at some of them and how we can implement them.

1. To strengthen your spine, improve your diet

Diet is an important part of the goal of increasing spinal strength.. The reason is that it supports the entire weight of the body, therefore, a good diet can prevent overweight problems from affecting you.

Also, introducing more fruits and vegetables, as well as good fats, will lead to improvement of the joints, tissues and vertebrae of the back which will reduce pain and inflammation if we suffer from these conditions.

2. Get adequate sleep

Have you ever analyzed how you sleep? Sleeping on your stomach, for example, significantly damages your spine. It is quite a damaging position, especially if you suffer from neck pain.

Sleeping on your back is also not good. Ideally, sleep on your side.. However, it is also essential that we have a suitable mattress and pillow.

  • Pillows should never be too high.
  • The mattress must adapt to our body. If it is too hard or white, it will hurt us.

3. Be careful when sitting in front of the computer

The use of technology is becoming more and more common. some of us spend several hours in a row sitting in front of the computer, either for work or pleasure .

While it is true that it helps us in many ways in our work, if we are not careful, we can damage our spine. This is usually because we tend to slouch and hold our heads in a position that is harmful to our cervical.

If your job also requires you to sit for a long time, make sure you:

  • Use an ergonomic chair.
  • Keep your elbows in a 90° position.
  • Try to keep your neck at its normal height.. This means you don’t have to stretch or bend over all the time.

Follow these tips and you can prevent your spine from warping over time. You It also prevents chronic stress or tension from building up in the neck and back..

4. To strengthen your spine, stretch often

If you really want to improve your spinal strength, you need to start stretch when you get out of bed and before you go to bed.

With that what you are doing is heating the muscles and tissues by preparing them for different movements, some of which can be sudden and cause injury.

These stretches will only take 10 to 15 minutes in the morning and at night . It is recommended to do this also during the day, every hour or every two hours.

This will help reduce the risk of injury. At the same time, you increase your flexibility and the strength of your spine.

5. Give yourself a good massage

Although you can adopt all of the above advice, perhaps because of your work in front of the computer or because of certain injuries back, the discomfort does not stop and too much tension accumulates in this part of your body.

For this reason, at least once a month, it would be advisable to give yourself a good massage. This will relax tense muscles.

It is understood, Consider going to a trusted professional. Getting a massage from someone who doesn’t have the knowledge to do so can make your spinal problems worse.

6. Hot-cold therapy, a good ally to strengthen the spine

When talking about injuries, it is normal to receive recommendations for the use of hot or cold compresses depending on the injured area or the type of injury.

Use a hot and cold compress alternately increases blood flow and relieves muscle tensionthus reducing the risk of injury and pain.

This is one of the best methods because it doesn’t require constant expenses like a masseuse and it doesn’t disturb your comfort zone.

Combine the use of these compresses with daily exercise and you will increase the strength of your spine in a matter of days.

Do you want to increase the strength of your spine? Do you constantly complain of back pain or tension in different parts of it? We hope that with the above tips, this problem will be greatly reduced.

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