The communication traps we always fall into

We cannot pretend that others understand us if we do not speak clearly and base all our communication on clues and assumptions. Besides, it’s going to cause us problems.

The communication traps we always fall into

Last update : April 08, 2022

Communication is very necessary.. Through it, we connect with others. However, when conflicts appear it is because we have fallen into communication traps.

Misunderstandings, arguments… Anything that causes us a lot of anxiety. and stress is the result of a series of mistakes that we are not aware of, but that we all put into practice.

Do you want to know what communication traps we all fall into?

The communication pitfalls that ruin everything

1. Mind Reading

Why don’t you speak your mind to this friend who does so many things that annoy you? Because you want me to read your mind.

Do you think there are times when the others should know what you think. However, if you don’t tell them, guess what, right now they’re not.

An example is this couple in which arguments and conflicts arise because one of the two members is angry for no reason.

The other is puzzled. If your partner does not tell you what he thinks and feels, he will not perceive it. This is where the heart of the problem lies.

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It is a way of avoiding your responsibility.which makes no sense because the conflict was caused by you.

This is how many relationships break up, falling into this trap that leaves a very bad taste in the mouth and a great feeling of dissatisfaction.

2. The magic ball

This is another communication stumbling block that generates many headaches. In this case, ambiguous statements take center stage.

Sometimes we tend to not be very clear with what we say, which can be interpreted in different ways.

In this communication trap, the tone of voice and how you feel that day matters a lot. Because the interpretation we will make of the information we receive will be subjective.

In this way, we only analyze the message that is addressed to us from our point of view. This, depending on the above factors, can lead to serious conflicts.

For example, a phrase as innocent as “did you buy the bread?” This can lead to annoyance on the part of the other person.

It is possible that you did not have a good day, that the tone with which you say it creates doubts and that you think that you are being reprimanded for never remembering to buy it.

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She may also feel that she is not trusted and may even feel very angry because she does not remember being told she needed bread.

As can be seen, the problems will be diverse.

However, there would be a way to avoid all this. Simply him just ask, express what you feel and don’t do hasty and erroneous idea of ​​what they wanted to tell us.

3. Tips

one of the last communication traps the ones that cause more conflict are the indirect ones. Instead of saying things clearly, we prefer to turn things around.

This happens because we are afraid of the other person’s reaction or because we are not assertive enough to express what we want clearly and concisely.

The big problem with clues is that the other person can feel attacked.get defensive and start an argument.

Next ?

Before a phrase as innocent as “you always do that”, the other can react in a very exaggerated way.

Somehow he knows he’s under attack, and if he hasn’t had an easy day or has a bad headache, he won’t be there to take cues.

However, indices are widely used because prevent the person who pronounces them from assuming responsibility of the other’s reaction.

In this way, the other person can feel guilty about how they responded to what was said. Sometimes you will even doubt your interpretation of the track itself.

The best you can do? Avoid this last of the pitfalls of communication, be clear and don’t be afraid to say things directly, openly and bluntly.

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Have you ever fallen into these communication traps? We resort to them more than we think and they are one of the main causes of disappointment in our interpersonal relationships.

Let’s be clearer, more direct and express what we feel without fear. This will always be better than letting the other person freely interpret what we are trying to communicate.

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