7 security tips to protect your home from break-ins

Unfortunately, no one is immune from a home break-in. However, extreme security measures greatly reduce the risks. What must be considered?

7 security tips to protect your home from break-ins

Last update : April 08, 2022

We all worry when we leave our homes for whatever reason that thieves will manage to breach security. Unfortunately, crime is the order of the day and anyone can be a victim. Despite this, there are still people who do not take basic steps to protect their home from break-ins.

It is advisable to have the locks checked periodically, install a security system and have someone you trust who can help with supervision. There are other strategies to increase safety and avoid this traumatic situation.

How to protect the house against theft?

Home invasion has psychological consequences for the victims. These consequences are all the more important if the robbery took place in the presence of the victims. In this case, episodes of anxiety, paranoia, and fear often persist for a long time if the victims do not receive psychological help.

Also, with respect to material goods, losses can be significant. For these reasons, it is better to apply certain preventive measures that increase safety. Take notes !

1. Ensure the quality of your doors and locks

The first step in protecting your home from break-ins is to install a high-quality, sturdy front door with a special lock. This door is the first exterior line of defense against strangers.

The ideal is to opt for those locks that have a unique key, difficult to reproduce. You can also install smart locks or locks that act as an alarm when forced open or unexpectedly.

2. Install an alarm system

The benefit of an external alarm is to improve home security. If an intruder tries to break in, this device will immediately notify the residents of the premises. Also, if it is installed in a conspicuous place, it can deter thieves from committing their crime.

The most interesting thing is that these devices work with different systems. of our days, many systems can be controlled from mobile deviceslike a computer or smartphone.

3. Install surveillance cameras

The best way to complement the action of security alarms is to install surveillance cameras. These allow you to see in real time if strangers intend to enter the house. In addition, in case of theft, they are essential to try to identify criminals.

Finally, as with alarms, the presence of cameras outside the home can deter thieves from committing their crime. If they realize that they are being watched, they will think twice before trying to enter.

4. Reinforce windows

Windows are another entry point for thieves. Therefore, it is worth checking your security level. For this, it is necessary to ensure that the glass is resistant and, above all, that the locks are secure. It is also recommended that they have divisions that make access difficult.

5. Light up the outer space

All the security measures applied to the exterior of the house are decisive in keeping thieves away. The more they feel intimidated, and the less tempted they will be to break in. Thus, in addition to a visible security system, it is relevant to integrate small LED lamps or solar models so that the exterior remains flash of lightning.

6. Talk to a trusted neighbor

Having the support of a trusted neighbor can go a long way in preventing break-ins, especially during long periods of absence. This person may periodically monitor the exterior of the home to make sure there is no suspicious activity.

You can also check if everything is locked up properly and if there are any suspicious people lurking around the house. Finally, you can remove the letters that are in the mailbox, so as not to leave obvious evidence that the house is unoccupied.

7. Keep the garden clear

As a last but not least measure, attention should be paid to the garden. Many do not know it, but large bushes are the perfect hiding place for thieves. In addition, it is easy for them to jump fences or low walls.

Thus, the garden must remain pruned, especially if a vacation or short break is approaching. It is also relevant to incorporate perimeter sensors, which will detect movement in the garden while you are not there.

What other security measures should be taken into account?

In addition to the above, there are other useful measures to reduce the risk of home theft. For example, hide your valuables in a safe, hard-to-reach place. Also, be careful about using social mediasince thieves often use it to choose their possible victims.

In any case, it is a good idea to have home insurance that covers theft. Said insurance will help to repair material or economic damage caused during the flight. Some even offer psychological help to overcome the traumatic episode.

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