Over time we learn to love better but less people

Over time, we realize that the important thing is not to accumulate friends, but to maintain authentic relationships that make us feel good.

Over time we learn to love better but less people

Last update : 07 April 2022

Far from what many people may think, time alone does not grant that wisdom and maturity with which, in the end, we manage to lead the life we ​​want to lead. Maturity implies first an awareness of all our learning.

This act must be done with the humility of one who accepts every mistake made. Because everything that has happened has already happened, and everything is a source of learning.

the happinessit is above all to love and be loved. It really only makes sense with a very limited group of people. We invite you here to reflect on this topic.

Over time we like it more

In adolescence or in our early youth, people come and go. We want to live, laugh, love, discover and feel. Setting limits and barriers often means not being accepted and losing our chance to fit in with the group.

Loves arrive with the intensity of a summer storm. We let ourselves be carried away by this enlightened need of someone who longs to feel loved. The same goes for friendships.

However, over time, we open that inner gaze that is capable of seeing what surrounds us with more serenity, with more hindsight and wisdom.

Over time we love fewer people

Loneliness can be alleviated in many ways, but accumulating friends is not the best way. Accumulation means including people in our lives who will not always be sincere or consistent with our identity.

Loneliness is that personal emptiness that must be filled with maturity, in order to establish fuller and more authentic relationships. Over time, we lose many friendships. Because time is wise and shows us who is really there and who is not.

Then we realize that sincere authenticity and affection is what can most enrich our soul and our heart. Respect and reciprocity are not easy values ​​to find. Once we have found the people who correspond to the values ​​of our heart, we do not want them to leave, because they are the ones who give birth to our existence.

Less is more

Extroverted people who need stimulation appreciate this continuous interaction in large groups of people. The more interactions, the greater the happiness: more friends, more opportunities to go out, have fun and start new projects.

However, over time we discover that it is better to have a small number of people around us with whom to really develop a satisfying relationship. It is not about breaking ties; it’s about not reinforcing this awkward bond with a respectful distance.

Furthermore, over time, us stop worrying about what others think of us. We know that less is more and that if that little bit gives us great happiness, we don’t need to add anything else to it.

few but better

If you have two friends and they are sincere, noble and genuine, you don’t need anything else: these friends are a treasure. Likewise, if you have a partner with whom you progress in harmony, with whom you grow, you have everything.

Sometimes the most beautiful thing in our life is very close to us.The truly friendship it is built by two. Appreciate how good a friend you are. Sow humility in your heart, so that you can discover where true happiness lies.

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