Chocolate candies, coconut oil and ginger for tiredness

In addition to helping you recharge, these chocolate candies can help you lose weight because their ingredients speed up your metabolism.

Chocolate candies, coconut oil and ginger for tiredness

Last update : 07 April 2022

At certain times of the year, we can feel more tired and without energy. This tiredness can be due to temperature, overwork or changes, among others. To counteract it, we can resort to stimulating substances, such as coffee or cola-type drinks, or certain supplements. But how about some delicious chocolate, coconut oil and ginger candies?

Chocolate energy candies?

Many foods can help us getEnergy in a healthy way, unlike some stimulants that give us a short-term feeling of energy. In fact, some stimulants end up plunging us into more intense fatigue.

The chocolate sweets that we invite you to prepare here have incredible properties that will help you activate your metabolism. In addition, they are delicious and very easy to prepare.

The benefits of cocoa

Pure cocoa is a medicinal food with ancient uses that stands out for its content of vitamins and minerals, as well as for its strong antioxidant power, which helps prevent premature aging.

Cocoa is a very energetic food that helps maintain a good level of vitality and easily recover strength. Indeed, its content in alkaloids stimulates the nervous system improving our concentration.

By contrast, commercial chocolate contains significant amounts of sugar, milk, and other unhealthy ingredients. Therefore, we advise you to use pure cocoa.

The benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil is another natural product with multiple properties, whether consumed or applied topically to the skin or hair.

Although this oil is not a stimulant, it has many regulatory properties that can help us overcome any imbalance likely to cause a feeling of fatigue. In addition, it has the virtue of activating the metabolism, allowing us to feel more active and burn more calories.

Although it is a fat, it is highly recommended for people who want to lose weight. Instead of being stored as fat, the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil go directly to the liver, where they are converted into energy.

The benefits of ginger

This exotic spice from the rhizome of the plant is distinguished by its refreshing and spicy taste. In addition, it is highly appreciated in many Asian cultures, not only because it enhances the flavor of recipes, but also for its digestive properties.

Ginger stimulates the nervous systemactivates the functioning of the body, improves mood and increases our defenses.

We can consume it fresh or powdered. In the recipe that interests us here, it will provide a very special touch of flavor that goes perfectly with the bitterness of the cocoa and the sweetness of the coconut.

Chocolate candies against fatigue


  • 2 cups of pure cocoa powder (200 g)
  • 3 tablespoons of powdered or grated raw ginger (30 g)
  • 6 +½ tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil (100 g)
  • Sweetener to taste (preferably stevia, honey or brown cane sugar)

Manufacture of chocolate bonbons

  • If the coconut oil is solid (which is possible when the room temperature is below 23°C), heat it in a water bath or near a heat source. The idea is to make it liquid without cooking it, so that it doesn’t lose its properties.
  • Mix all the ingredients.
  • Pour the mixture into a chocolate mould.
  • We put the mold in the fridge, so that the chocolates solidify.

You can consume these chocolate candies at any time of the day. However, if you consume them at night, they can prevent you from sleeping. Thus, the morning is the best time to consume them. You can also consume them before making a physical or mental effort.

Either way, remember this: for your body to function optimally, it’s essential to eat a balanced diet, exercise, get plenty of rest, and drink enough water.

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