The sand of the Sahara will cover France again this weekend

Last week, all of France woke up to an orange sky due to the transport of sand from the Sahara. Don’t wash your cars and windows too quickly… the phenomenon will happen again this weekend

When you opened the blinds last week, you admired a magnificent orange sky from the south of France to the Pays de la Loire. And this despite the cloud cover. But for motorists, this beauty was quickly erased by taking their car. Covered with coarse sand that is difficult to clean. End of Fairyland!?

This meteorological phenomenon comes from the sand of the Sahara that has been transported since Monday, March 14, after a “cold drop” over the Maghreb. This generated an important sirocco.
This is called a “desert dust episode.”
What do you have more? Rebelote, we will see this episode again this weekend of March 26 and 27.

This phenomenon was very powerful in the south of Spain as evidenced by Guillaume Séchet, meteorologist for BFM TV:

This sandy cover developed throughout the week of March 14 across France, but this time it may be restricted to the south of France. And it should last until the end of the weekend. In short, you will have to wait a little longer before cleaning your windows or your car…

This sepia effect, highly sought after on Instagram, gives beautiful photos or beautiful videos widely spread on social networks today. This is the case of the ski slopes of the Pyrenees where the snow has turned orange… The association Météo Pyrénées has also published amazing images of the Piau-Engaly resort:

The Atmo Auvergne Rhône-Alpes had warned that this could “lead to an increase in the concentrations of particles in the air” and launched pollution surveillance.
So, to follow the intensity of the desert sand dust deposits, you can follow the Meteologix animation:

Text and photo: Alexandre Marsat

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