(Positive) news: Bronze Age burial cave discovered in Charente, Two new species of tyrannosaurs

If you missed the most striking or surprising scientific information, Curieux.live offers you an update session

1- A Bronze Age burial cave discovered in Charente

They do not hesitate to speak of “Lascaux Charentais”, that is to say if the cave discovered in Saint Projet is important, on the edge of La Rochefoucauld known for its Renaissance castle. There are no Paleolithic carvings or paintings here, but the cave contains many traces of occupation from the Bronze Age, at least 3,000 years ago. At 1.4 kilometers long, it was discovered in February 2021 by speleologists from the La Rochefoucauld Speleological Research Association after road works.

The Ministry of Culture that revealed this discovery at the beginning of March he dares to underline: “it is exceptional both for its archaeological richness and for its state of conservation (traces; numerous ceramics, several dozen intact: bowls, vases, pots, plates…; human and animal remains…)”.
And to add that “it presents a remarkable scientific potential, still to be determined but probably underestimated to date, for the documentation and knowledge of the funerary traditions of the Bronze Age”.

A full year will have already passed before the discovery was made public to protect this exceptional place because it is an incomparable witness to the funerary rites of the Bronze Age. Jérôme Priault, curator of the Poitiers archeology department explains to Free Charente “We also see remains of stoves, charcoal. Ceramics hidden in niches. They were intact and were not put there by chance. We thus see a funerary scene as it occurred 2,500 years ago. The rooms and galleries already observed have revealed a large quantity of ceramics in an unparalleled state of preservation and a dozen bodies have been counted.

Several years of study now await scientists. Curieux.live will have the opportunity to revisit this investigation.

2- T.rex would not be the only species of tyrannosaurus

Revolution to the world of dinos. The famous tyrannosaurus T.rex would not be the only tyrannosaurus that existed. Two other species, T. Regina and T. imperator would have cohabited with T.rex according to what they explain to us Science and Future. The media recalls that the doubt about the species dates back to 2010 when the paleontologist Gregory S. Paul wonders: “I was wondering, since the triceratops was developing new species, if the tyrannosaurus, its predator, did not do the same in the same period”.

The hypothesis is controversial but is now the subject of a publication in the scientific journal. evolutionary biology. Thanks to the numerous fossils of T. rex, the researchers were able to investigate the differences within this species, in particular by studying the teeth. They explain in their study that “the variation in the number of dental incisors correlates with the robustness of the skeleton and also seems to change over time. Based on current evidence, three morphotypes are demonstrated and two additional species of Tyrannosaurus are diagnosed and named. A robust species with two small incisors in each dentition appears to have been present initially, followed by two contemporary species (one robust and one slender) that both had one small incisor in each dentition. »

The so-called “king of the tyrannical lizards”, therefore, would have shared power with two other tyrannosaurs. A game of thrones that took place 66 million years ago.

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