News (positive): Save the knight with the crowned lion, 3 paraplegics walk again with an implant, Understanding the borders of Ukraine

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1- Save the knight with the crowned lion of the Aquitaine Museum

“I’m talking about the 13th century. I still have a lot to tell you about my time. I am your heritage. My place is at the Musée d’Aquitaine, help me stay there. This is how the Musée d’Aquitaine invites heritage lovers to participate in the crowdfunding campaign for the man known as the knight with the crowned lion. Or more accurately his recumbent figure. A carved coffin that has been present in the famous Bordeaux museum for twenty years. Owners who wish to end the deposit, the museum will have to pay 200,000 euros, according to the calculation that has been made, to keep it in its collections at the risk of it going elsewhere.
This recumbent statue of great heritage value was in the nymphaeum (cave) of Tutsal castle in Sadirac in Gironde before reaching the Aquitaine Museum, but it would come from the nearby Sauve-Majeure abbey.
the Precise Museum of Aquitaine “Of imposing dimensions (more than 2 meters long and weighing around 650 kg), it probably represents a Lord of Curton, identified by the crowned lion that adorns his shield.” The Curtons were a powerful family who defended the King-Duke of Aquitaine, thus the King of England.
To keep it in the Museum, you can participate until the end of March fundraising

2- Three paraplegics walk again with an implant

By stimulating the region of the spinal cord with an implant, researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and the Vaudois University Hospital made three paraplegics walk again. They explain in their study published in natural medicine that “in a single day, activity-specific stimulation programs enabled these three individuals to stand, walk, cycle, swim, and control trunk movements. » A neurotechnological innovation to discover also in Science and Future and Time.

3- Understand the borders of Ukraine, far from disinformation

Art offers us a beautiful historical perspective on the current war in Ukraine with the program Le Dessous des cartes. Factual, precise and above all neutral, it allows us to see the conflict much more clearly at a time when war propaganda spreads numerous false news and does not hesitate to rewrite history.

There we learn that the state of kyiv (or rus) It was founded in the 8th century by the Vikings. Two centuries later, the Grand Prince of kyiv, Vladimir the Great, converted to Christianity in 998. Considered the patron saint of Holy Russia, he continued the expansion of Kievan Rus’.

The video reveals that “in the 11th century, this Slavic principality was at its height. A cultural and religious center, it stretches from the Baltic to the Black Sea and controls trade routes. It is the most powerful state in Europe. Many centuries after this golden age, Kievan Rus remains in the Russian imagination the cradle of the Nation. ” Everything is said. The one that will be considered as “Little Russia” and as long as the word Ukraine is prohibited by the Russian Empire will experience many tumults and dramas in the 20th century and then in the 21st century.
It is also very useful to read or reread the file that the revision History dedicated in the July-August 2021 issue.

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